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Welcome To Our New DEV Team Members

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

The Founders are honoured to welcome Andreas Czymosh and Elfat Esati in the Development team. Our ability to deliver innovative products can only be accomplished if we have a strong team, composed of diverse voices and expertise, working well together.

Andreas Czymosh joined as Tech Lead. Andreas has extended expertise in software development with more than 20 years’ experience dealing with client estates all over Europe including the most complex, as well as experience in the vendor’s technical team supporting numerous clients worldwide.

Andreas has proven being effective in complex development contexts as well as in client-facing technical analyst roles or functioning as a facilitator between project teams.

Elfat Esati joined as Software Engineer. Elfat has solid knowledge and experience with multiple computer languages including C, Java, JavaScript, Eiffel, HTML and Python as well as a thorough understanding of data structures and algorithms, software development lifecycle and agile methodologies.

Through a number of courses at University of Zürich and having developed several blockchain projects, Elfat has deepened his knowledge, developing skills and enthusiasm needed.

Welcome aboard! We look forward to shipping the Proof of Concept, and we’re all happy to have you on the team.

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